Month: September 2015

The Story :All I got is a knife


There were five brothers namely; Max, Min, Mid, Peak and Thres. They lived in a village named; Wadiya with their parents. Father’s name was Surch Adams and mother’s Nany. Surch was a farmer who work around 11 hours a day but makes only $3 a day. According to him “My earnings make my life not others. If I climb the hill, I enjoy the breathing“. In his early life, he was addicted by alcoholism which in his words was “A mandatory fluid consumption to grease the body parts”. Wadiya was a very famous village because the villagers in there, were well known for their mysterious magic tricks, as a result Wadiya was also known as The Spot Of Tourism.Surch never understood the tricks and always claimed “You people are mendacious in your magic, I literally hate it“. Although Surch was a tipsy but was equally honest. On next Saturday night a famous native magician Mr. Lockeye had to deliver a magic show. Therefore, a large mass of tourists was expected to join the show. Tipsy Surch did not like the way excursionists were fooled so he started bickering with the famous magician Mr. Lockeye prior to the show. Meanwhile, groups of excursionists arrived and saw the fuss. But instead, the event started and visitors enjoyed, wondered, some developed curiosity. After the completion of the show, I, one of the voyager saw Surch murmuring with waving hands and went towards him. I asked Surch “Hey! What are introspecting about? Have you been in there watching the show?” But still Surch continued to murmur. I mentioned Surch “Stupid alcoholic” while moving apart, towards the tourist bus. Meanwhile, Surch shouted “You fools. They are unreal“. I turned and looked at Surch, found him still murmuring but then a call out from bus driver forced me to get into bus. I got into bus and driver accelerated but Surch still continued to criticise the enchanters though and walked away.
After a few days, while my group was leaving for sightseen I saw Surch wiping a tea stall, I walked towards the tea stall and said “If I’m not wrong we met last night? Do you work here?”. ” I think you are mistaken I never met you and yes I do work here. Its my tea stall” Surch replied. I asked ” Does this stall earn you much to satisfy your needs?”. Surch answered “No. I do farming also during seasons. But by the way who are you”. “My name is Vish, an excursionist. I saw you last night outside the hall, introspecting with waving hands. You were drunk then”.Surch starred at me and claimed with raspy voice “Oh! So it was you last night. I don’t like those who cheer the mysterious magic tricks. Better order something or leave”. I was amazed to see a person who hated what the whole village liked. “Would you like to have a drink with me tonight? Tomorrow I’ll be leaving” I said. And his answer was “Ok! We are friends now”. After my day-schedule was done I went to Surch’s tea stall and waited for him to arrive. Thereafter, we entered a bar, ordered a couple of beer bottles and talked for a few hours on what he was murmuring about while watching the bar dancers. The environment was set nicely ,however, Surch had a love-at-first-sight with a beautiful bar dancer. Actually she was way too beautiful and unfortunately her name was Nany, no its not the sign of jealousy though weird happens.
Next day I left for my trip to next destination. Since then I don’t have any connection with that poor boy.
The newly married couple Surch and Nany aggregated five sons within a spare of few years. The eldest son ‘Max’ had never enjoyed the company, love and sympathy of his father, he barely loved his father for that. Instead, the rest enjoyed the love of their parents ,however, Max developed a feeling of jealousy, dislike and hatred against all the family members even against his Mother. He was the most intelligent and versatile member in the family, more specifically speaking he was a perfectionist but still absence of love pushed him into taking drugs and alcohol. Just like Surch he was also an alcoholic, inheritance is must. Since Surch was a farmer, therefore could only manage to feed his kids to some extent and that’s why Surch was frustrated because that little amount of money would never feed them all completely. Although whole family worked in that small land for survival but still due to lack of sources some part of land was always uncultivated. All the kids grew adults and meanwhile Surch’s behaviour turned bummer. In all these years he used to say to each of his child “When you hit eighteen better eat from your own income“. Whole family followed every instruction of Surch except Max. Like every morning, Surch ordered his family to cultivate the whole land but Max did not paid any attention and walked away in the village market, seeking for money. There he saw a lady with a bag in hand with tensed face and searching eyes. Since Max was cunning and intelligent, he found it usual and followed her. The lady on the other hand was more cunning, she observed the man is following her and therefore she headed towards a cottage of intelligence traffickers where Max was caught by Miaz, the head of lady smugglers. Since Max was well known for bad habits, burglary and moreover he was too intelligent, therefore the gang thought to have him in there side. In the cottage Maiz told Max “Now you will be working for us. We are smugglers who usually smuggle drugs and sometimes kids so as to make huge money with less efforts”. Meanwhile, Evra said “I love you Max” mellifluously because she loved his way to understand the person’s thinking at first sight. Max caught Evra in unusual behaviour in the market and that’s what attracted Evra. Max replied “Who mean? Well that’s…” (interrupted) “Yes you!!! My love” Evra cleared Max’s doubt. Thereafter, he accompanied  and worked alongside four ladies. They smuggled, earned and had fun. Max used to visit his home only to sleep and eat, that too sometimes only. Smuggling was paying them upto the mark, Max made a lot of money in short duration. Although, he never liked his father but somewhere in his heart there was a place for his mom and hence he gave some money to her for better livings, his mother never bothered to know the source of money that Max earns. The same day when Max handed money to his mom, Surch while searching his Kurta found a bunch of cash. He was happy then but also eager to know that who earned this much of cash. Since the cash amount was equivalent to a three months work at farm, he knew his family can’t make such money, however, he doubted on Max. And on the very next day when Max was home he asked angrily “From where you got this money, you thief? I think you are indulged in a big racket that pays you such amount. Better stay away from my house”. “What? Your house? I’m your son and I have equal rights on all your property like my younger brothers. And instead you should take care of your farm which earns you all a little” Max replied. “I’m gonna find what you do in the market” addressing Max.
A few days latter, Surch after cultivating the moorland completely followed Max till the cottage and found himself correct. Surch tried to have a look at all the members that were included in this process while hiding himself behind an electricity pole but was unfortunate as Evra caught him and addressed him an intelligence agent but the confusion was cleared when Max claimed upon him to be his father. Maiz scolded Max “You stupid bastard how come your father is here? Did you tell him everything about this?”. “No mam. I think”(Max was interrupted by Surch)”Yes I followed you till here and now I know everything. I’m not going to let you go that easily”. “Alas!! Really?” Evra mellifluously said. Maiz ordered to tie Surch tightly with a pillar. On the same at night Nany asked Min, Mid, Peak and thres if they knew where is their father. But the reply was “No”. All of them were tensed, so they got out on streets of Wadiya to search Surch but there was no clue what so ever. But still they continued to look for Surch for hours.
On the other hand, Max returned home like everyday to keep the things normal but found the home locked with nobody in there. He wondered that all are out in search of Surch. This thought of his made him tensed and desperate to reach the cottage so as to inform others. While Max was heading towards the cottage Thres looked at him in the way and noticed that something’s not going well with Max and therefore he with others followed Max till the cottage. Meanwhile, when Max reached he heard Evra  and Maiz talking ill about him. Maiz said “Good job Evra. Now Max is in our control, he will never doubt us that we will steal everything that he has. Surch is no more now and his property will be ours”. Evra asked “ I’m not getting you mam. We trapped Max firstly and now we killed his father just for that small moorland. I…”(Interrupted by Maiz) ” Dear! you don’t know that apart from this moorland Surch is having a tea stall and under the floor of that stall there’s a ton of gold that was buried by his father”. ” How come you know this?” Evra asked surprisingly “I know this because I’m his father’s divorced wife. My husband divorced me because he liked someone else and the lady he loved was very rich and lonely. So to have her treasure he married her and then killed her. All eyes of police were looking for evidence against Jones, my ex-husband because his fingerprints were caught near the place of her death. But somehow he defended himself and he collected all the jewellery and treasure and buried that under the tea stall. So as to keep it away from the hands of police but before whole of this scenario, they had a son named Surch. When Surch was about five years, Jones died in an accident planed by me. Now all of these three are no more and now we’ll take Surch’s children one by one” Maiz explained. Meanwhile Max entered while clapping and laughing, said “Wooooh! Great plan. Actually you are very cunning my Ex-grandma. You are looking to kill me? Poor lady I’m not Surch though I’m his son but you can never kill me” Max quickly picked the knife up and drove it pass the neck of both the ladies.
Meanwhile, Thres and party reached the cottage and found two ladies and Surch lying on the floor, dead. Nany saw Max with Knife and his shirt covered with blood and fall down on the floor, Max tried to clarify the scene they saw but his younger brothers did not listen to anything and ran to kill Max. Max said “Please believe me I did not kill Surch” (while running away from them).
Then after a few minutes of running Max got angry and turned around to kill each of his brothers and so he did, he drove the knife beyond everyone’s neck and said”I needed a happy and loving family, I needed someone who can believe me, spend time with me, understand me but my father took it all away. He himself never liked me and developed the sense of jealousy in everyone’s mind, as a result no body talked to me. Now my family is nobody. All I have now is this knife. It helps when I need help, it keeps me calm whenever I’m angry”. 
Then after this incidence, Max was found to be diseased with some psychological disease. And was given treatment and imprisonment till death.